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I'm so fucking lazy, I can't believe it, when was my last update, can't remember, don't think it'll become any better in the next time... See ya!
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potc 3 .....

I went to the cinema yesterday evening to see potc 3-awe with some friends, including curse_of_avalon I was so curious, and very unlikely I went there totally unspoiled. But what happened on the silver screen was not like I've expected it, no, totally not. I mean I don't want to spoil anyone, but for me it was no real end. Like: we don't really know whether there'll be a 4th movie or not, so there'll be no real end.... So many questions which appeared after watching the 2nd one where not answered!!!

Where's the mark that Jack left on Lord Beckett.
The compass was not really showing on rum when he returned to the Pearl in DMC, was it? That would be ridiculous somehow!
And the whole story with Elizabeth and Will??????? I mean, come on, that can't be the end!!!!!!!!

Half of the movie the person sitting behind me probably couldn't see anything because of the great question mark over my head. The plot was so opaque, I think Will was changing on whose side to fight like 5 times....

Oh my.....don't really know what to think......confused

Busy person? That's me!

Yesterday I returned home from Greifswald. And tomorrow I'm already leaving again, for visiting zylora in Mannheim. I'm really looking forward to it, except for the over 7 hours long train-riding.... There I'll meet an old friend, who I haven't seen for about half a year I think.
Wednesday I'll return travel from Mannheim directly to my grandma, 'cause she's got birthday the next day. Yay, that means seeing all my relatives once again. I'm not quite sure if I should be happy ....or not, I think it'll depend on the person.
Friday will be housework-session, yeah, I need to write one, too, I I don't really know how to organize all these information I collected during the last week. HELP NEEDED!!!! And Saturday I'll be back on the track again, heading towards Berlin. There me and my mom will be watching the musical "Tanz der Vampire" and probably there'll be a lil bit of shopping before it! *lol*
Then 3 days of housework again, before I'll return to Greifswald again, and before I'll finally see Maik again! *looking forward to it*
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It's timing...again...

Exams are over, gosh, I'm so relieved. At the mom I'm at home in Ue'de! I just wanted to stay 3 days, and then return to greifswald today, because today there'll be the big semester-end-party and I so much wanted to be there!!!!!!! BUT WHAT HAPPENED?????? I catched a cold, once again, not like I've been sitting thw hole new year's eve at home, always a handkerchief by my side. I mean I feel nearly recovered today, but not in the modd to party the whole night. That's so mean!!!! *sob* The whole "oh-my-god-I-have-learn-for-the-exams-stuff" ruined my health and then there was this special thing with maik.... But at least most of the exams went well, only except european law, but I have to admit that I wasn't really prepared for this one.

So, now I'll return to greifswald on Sunday, keeping the next days chilled so that my health can totally recover and then I'm looking forward to really party with maik for the first time! YAY!
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Exams, and I'm not really prepared....

I don't know why this is so, but this semester seems to be "motivation-killing", not only for me, but for all the people I know. 5 exams and I just started learning this weekend. This wouldn't be that bad, if the first exams wasn't this thursday!!!!! Please Lord, or better Lu-chan (this goes to zanzando )help me!!!
I'm just siiting in the university's CIP-Pool at the moment, thinking about whether to go to English today or not. I mean I havne't been there the whole last week but if I go today I probably won't be able to learn today, becasue tonight I'll be cooking with a friend!

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Man, I've been lazy....

Oooookay, it has reeeealllly been a long time since I last posted here. I think it was when my semester began, and now I just have to learn for my exams, once again. Due to being such a long time I just have to think about what has happened druing this time.
It was christmas, yeah, and santa was really generous to me, have I really been that good. Refering to maik I'm not. Oh, yes, there's maik, my boyfriend for about 1 and a half months now. My Gosh, when someone had told me that we would be dating in my 1st semester, I would have laughed at that person and called him/her a total idiot. How a girl's mind can change.... :) We realy have soooo many things in common (especially our slightly mean personality, so that people who don't know us, would never guess that we're together *lol*), except him being a kind of party boy, and me, mmmmhhh, how can I say this, appreciating also the evenings I can be all by myself just chilling and watching TV and stuff. Oh, and he's 7 years older than me, but my mom told me that it's not really recognizable in his/my behaviour, we adjusted to the other. ^^ in about 3 hours he'll be here and we'll spend the day together before we drive back to Greifswald tomorrow, yeah, back to university....learning for the exams..... this suckitysucks....

And how was everybodies new year's eve? Mine sucked to be honest, I just caught a vold 2 days before and so I spent the night in bed, only looking at the fireworks at 0 am. That's why my mom is still alil overprotective at the moment, not really allowing me to go out tonight, but to be honest, I also would prefer staying the night at home.... *not having anything back in mind* But I'll be kind of relieved when we leave tomorrow.

Enough for today, I'm leaving with the purpose to write entries more often again. ;)
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New semester started!

Yep, it has, I just returned from my English module!

Every day a bike-ride of 3,5 km into the center and then back! Wah, so I'm totally exhausted now, with also the cold wind teasing me by coming from the front!
All my new profs seem to be very nice, how far I can tell after a week of courses! Especially Mr. Beater, with whom I had course yesterday. When he first entered the room I thought: Wow, what's that?, cause he wore a neon pink sweater! He also lisps a lil bit, but after all that makes him even more adorable!^^ Okay, so he's very easy-going, makes jokes etc. But the coolest thing happened when one of the girls went to the WC during course! (For better understanding: She's a kind of girl which always goes to the restroom during class for being seen by everyone, and she also wears matching clothes for this attitude: yesterday where about 8°C in the morning and she wore boots, a skirt and a very short, see-through, pink tank-top!) So when she came back he watched her very intentively and exagerated! Everyone laughed and the girl blushed! Then he said: You see, not only the students make fun of their lecturers! Everyone burst out laughing again! :)

Okay, like last time, here's my schedule!


3-5 pm: English basis module


11am-1pm: criminal law (every 2nd week)
2-5 pm: labor and organization


8-10 am: european law
2-16 pm: tutorial for criminal law


10-12 am: police law
12am-1 pm: law of associations of individuals
1-2 pm: main features of commercial and company law
2-4 pm: criminal law (every 2nd week)
4-6 pm: legal liability law


10-12am: contracts of law of obligations
12 am-2 pm: tutorial for civil law
2-4 pm: English

We got so much homework to do in English!!! I thought she was making jokes!
"You're law students, I'm sure you manage to do all that!" That's what she said!!! :/
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Back in town!

Today i returned to HGW, tomorrow my courses will start. And today I got to know my first new co-inhabitant: Victoria from


I can't believe it, yay, I didn't really talked to her until know, just asked her name and what she's studying. I so much want to talk to her again and tell her that I'm learning Swedish and whether she'll help me, especially with the pronunciation!
Wah, I'm so excited! And what I've seen of her is very relieving, the total opposite of the other two! She and her friend were talking that quietly, I thought the kitchen door was closed, but it wasn't! And after eating, (with their own dishes btw^^) they cleaned up immediately! I hope it stays like this! But I'm optimistic, the Swedish mentality is very similar to the German one!

The forth girl (yeah, we are 4 girls now) is from Lithuania, but I've not seen her until now.

And to zanzando: Please send me your timetable so that we can find a time for chatting!
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