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Welcome to the Carribean

- have you got enough rum with you?

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What should I tell you about me? Mmh.. *ponders* The general stuff: 19-Year-old German girl, studying law, totally Johnny Depp obsessed, wants to take a semestre abroad in Ireland but wants to learn Swedish, loves reading, computer, watching movies. Just the typical stuff, you know? XD Get to know me and you'll discover a chaotic, sometimes wierd person like my best friend ones said!!! ^__^

Now some credits for my layout:
Header: frostedlipstick
Potc Mood Theme: jooniper30
and Special Thankx to zanzando for her great help in changing my old into the new layout *hug*

Okay, here I'll show you some of my numerous obsessions!^^ But what a person hasn't got some! XD

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I have to say sorry, that I don't remember where I got most of the banners from,I took them like months ago and didn't note where from - so if you made one of these banners or know who did, please tell me!!!!